Most times I’m just speaking to myself, don’t know who I can ask for help when I was raised by pride , live and die IN IT, without help, that’s how I was taught to win it

Far gone 
No intimacy within 
 Trying to caress my pain with anxiety 
Stories of who I used to be, demands of who I want to be but it’s all not me  
I’m losing it slowly  
Grasping and gasping for a sign : a breath of fresh air  
All I ever wanna do is give up bc caring for others has become too much , 
 especially when I’m a mess and blame the world of my regrets  
How did I get here?  
I don’t even know what this place is but it’s so dark and tart 
 I wanna relive the start  
Over and over again 
 Get out of my head and vanish  
Into nothing  
Into skill 
Into windmills  
Turning with the wind,
 I long to be calm but I am so far gone   
What comes of a souls tragedy  
What comes with sharing parodies of similarities  
No one will ever know it seems so we rack our brainso pulling at the seams and let anguish have a feast  


Alien. I’d like to see your body Out of control , your figure is an ailment
Just say nice things to me Tell me how well I’m doing  Don’t judge me bc u can feel the things inside my head  Be calm with me  Encourage me  I know you’re empathetic but let’s take things slow  Let’s be one with whatever before I go : this is me I just need to know 
Sometimes I feel like an alien Maybe I am  Out of this world bc I’m always in my body and out of this dimension  Don’t know why I come back  Is it safe to want to learn lessons  always want silence?  To never speak  To never be  To just dream and see. 
Move the body outside of the mind you’ll never need to see this planet ; you exist everywhere in everything (goddess) CANT YOU SEE? 
They mock while you create  Accept your fate What you’re being, you’re feeling When you’re crying, you’re healing  That is so special  Your existence is helpful  No need to run away  Show us your alien face  Be all of who you are so like minds can embrace
Nothing less than magick  Show you my soul an…

Poetical Palace

Heal me  don’t  conceal me Wrap me in gold Hold me  don’t. Fold.
Punching walls killing  me Many false affirmations  Will you swim the tide with  me Will you finish this with me,  Walls full of lies  Old me’s and you’s demise  It’s no surprise  That I’ve revised our compromise  Setting tones for tombs in afterlives
You have entered the divine....
I’m an inspiration to all. Little body big curves Patience small A poetical palace filled with words  filled with dreams I can make you feel things ; see things  Unknown wild and free Different dimensions of me  Are you ready? 
I drip heaven I drop gems I hold my weight, Strong stems I never been a sucka  Always a lover Undercover god  The light speaks thru me True me True tea  Quite intriguing  To the weak, misleading  Fragile foes wanna see me bleeding


Places of vulnerability savaged with tranquility Execution of emotions These are my motions Every drop in the ocean concealed with passion Eye am ravaged How do we get here...  With  no meaning
The void Lost to avoid  Everything simplified into noids The moods of wind The unspoken truth in our limbs This is our kin The unknown The unseen  The being. This is the meaning  Always inside Never hiding yet confined 
A time when everything was fine & my incarnations were divine  Manifesting my decadence into adolescence apprehensive.
Eye remember you hurting me, shattering my gullible little world into nothings.  Eye believed in you  Eye believed in love bc it’s all eye knew
It’s a shame eye 
didn’t get it back until eye had two
But eye remember like it was yesterday  And everything was holy like a Sunday 
We can all be free All is me We can all be free All is we We can all be free and be free

It Cums.....

Everything happens when we cum The fluorescent lights that shine when we fuck  Everything happens when we run  Looking back on days of fun I could smell the rum  I can feel the honey leave you and it’s warmth on my tongue  I’ve disappeared numerous times, blinded by your light in flight  But still... hmmm I wanna feel something like this all the time I wanna feel you like this on my behind  I wanna squeeze the life out of me on your thighs  I wanna scream so loud I go numb with reply  This trumpet of pleasure  This moment of measures  Into me, out of me and whole completely  When you fuck so good while you feel so bad nothing matters but the strokes we’ve had and now I’ve made you a dad Fuck me so hard that I get mad Look at you foolishly, in bliss Like damn baby wtf is this?  You’re still erect? Put it in my mouth and then bust on my neck  I’ve had it up to here with anticipation  These bitches will never know what it’s like to be a sensation  A goddess of touch, emotion and an embodiment of the unknown  In…


An enigma to you To myself  To life and all it’s mess Creating worthless gems  Creating pointless hymns I cry out to you  And you are me Puzzled at the thought of chivalry  Trying to define the rest of you Getting the best of you and still I say Me too. I have gone through this  I’ve gone through this I was gone through this  Drawn to this Bc seeds were planted  Upper handed Privileged even  To smell unrecognizable semen  Facing darkness like a demon  Uplifting hearts through men  I tweeted you Replying faintly I gasped at the concern  Something willing to learn  Your ego willing to earn  So why does my soul cry? Whose gaze am I looking at through tired eyes?  Is this true?  I’m hellbent in The spells went over sin  An enigma to my kin  A revelation for my kids  I say, today, that I am brand new  Steady paced, somewhat blue  Minute and slim On troubled skin  I can’t make out what this deal is to win  Fallback from fevers  How clever this teether  To know what grows in my mouth More clout less doubt  More space more out  I pus…

The Garden

I spread my legs and you water me
I moan and you cover me with kisses 
I push forth and squeeze my flower on your stem and we explode sun rays, so bright 
It feels like love bc we're open 
Open to nurture our nature and love nurtured our nature.
You pamper my pussy on this grass and I stroke your dick like it's my wand
Sex magick: 
Can I hold you after? 
Let you know what it's like to release in my mouth as I speak words that don't need to be heard?
Drink me. taste me. Love me
This is ours. 
Don't you agree? 
I know what you're thinking,
"Is this real?"
It's as real as we want it to be 
Leave me in the sunlight and let me grow....
Your hands are my wind, they sway with my skin
And these petals are bliss.
Our garden; we.
Our garden; she.
Our garden; me.