The Garden

I spread my legs and you water me
I moan and you cover me with kisses 
I push forth and squeeze my flower on your stem and we explode sun rays, so bright 
It feels like love bc we're open 
Open to nurture our nature and love nurtured our nature.
You pamper my pussy on this grass and I stroke your dick like it's my wand
Sex magick: 
Can I hold you after? 
Let you know what it's like to release in my mouth as I speak words that don't need to be heard?
Drink me. taste me. Love me
This is ours. 
Don't you agree? 
I know what you're thinking,
"Is this real?"
It's as real as we want it to be 
Leave me in the sunlight and let me grow....
Your hands are my wind, they sway with my skin
And these petals are bliss.
Our garden; we.
Our garden; she.
Our garden; me.


I'm sorry I'm not who you thought I was
I've conformed, hurt people, and judged
As if I'm this big God, right
Doing whatever I want with you as if I'm godlike
Showing you new ways of pain as if I'm dynamite
Stepping on your heart not knowing it was a landmine
But Ive learned my lesson one thousand times
Until I got it right
So where I am now is not where you are
You're thinking of me as the picture you painted
But that is your work of art and not my reality
I don't even know if I'm the same from the beginning of this poem
I'm just telling you I know Who I am
Just because you don't like that I've changed doesn't mean I'm the same
I'm better I always get better
New flowers new powers
New hours
To do.
Who you want me to be is not my magnitude
Who I've remained to you is not the truth
And I'm sorry you live back there
I don't know where your where is
And you wear the past so well
You've Created new hel…



  We threw all of it by the fireplace.   

We wanted to burn the face of deception and pain 

Everything that we have ever dreamed of, 

Each time we drifted into the cosmo of the eye 

The darkness of why's

The unknown "hi"s

It was us
Andeverything we have ever seen:

it never really seemed real … Until we burned it all and we try to forget it,  

Giants and midgets, gargantuan bigets 

But this is no where near familiar 

nothing is ever realer than trying to forget something.  
And we wanted to not exist anymore ; 

But it all existed in us ......
.. So we fled;  we fled into the fire 
  we both wanted to feel what it was like to forget ... needed to forget ;

.. now that's a soul well spent,

who you are. and everything we dreamed of 

everything to be and  …

The Matrix

Infinitely transparent through this cosmo
Too many blows
Clues to where the vibration lies to separate the sheep
Would you have asked me to do it through space and evaporate into primates? 
The elevated are never shaded through times manipulation 
But you think I am a weapon because I love.
Because I love.
The shame. The guilt. From thinking one brain we've gone insane through membranes that travel faster than stars
I am here standing beside you through the thick of it all 
It's thick
Real thick
The quilt of this magick keeps us safe from lower vibrational worlds and dimensions
We are heaven 
We were never prepared so we had to shed the fear 
No more machines 
No more war
I sing to you this day
This is not afraid
This is no attachment to this
Is it because I remember you from a past life
Is that a crime to want that connection twice 
No surprise
All eyes 
All thighs
In between, the life forms shower over all of existence 
There is no repentance 
He knows the theatrics of this sphinx
He remembers that po…

Able Bodied


"She is perfect.
Able bodied.
Feather weight.

Maybe she wants to shake the earth back to its original form.
Why would u care or dare for the norm?

The flavor is in her kiss.
The universe in her palm. 
The magick, in her eyes. 

She wants to be recreated.
She wants to be elevated.

Dance with her skin and share her with the sun.
Hold her like a newborn. 
She desires the taste of your teachings.
This is now.

Are u scared yet? 
I told u I get wet

Sometimes she doesn't like her reflection bc ur the demon always staring back at her
Sometimes she needs you to be 
the light

Sometimes she needs the light from the depths of your soul to understand her misunderstandings

A smile ; the reassurance that her love is safe with you

Your love is always safe with a goddess
When u return to love it is a celebration of your being and the gods rejoice at their creation"


The 12th dimension: Gold ray of Universal Consciousness is inaugurated by being a Full Universal Being – Universal level of consciousness is achieved.  You have returned to Source and are in Unity Consciousness with the physical form of your Local Universe.

Soulmates are sweeter than forgiveness
When they reconnect, they reflect all of loves answers into the ocean of God
swim with me 
Capturing my soul in ways that I do not know Your heartbeat is the love song I've been waiting to hear, because it beautifully rhymes with my tongues vibration. I have been waiting for something like this To feel something like this, that no world can ever define Or even fathom with the human eye, heart, soul or mind Everything falls into place as we rise in our empty Everything shines as we glow underneath the sun And so much shame peels itself from our skin that we become naked, fully clothed in god's grace, Painted by times gold Painted by the beautiful beings that made us one
The angels rejoice when we kis…


Sometimes I wish I knew what mattered more. Love or my love for love.
Love or the love for loving.
Either way I always seem to reach forks in the road or end up alone.. so I ask myself If I am creating these illusions that I need someone on my journey with me towards the Creator.
Will I be able to find someone to stay with me on my path. Do soulmates have the birth right to leave my soul?
Are my soulmates in need of me too, what if I'm broken?
What if my home is too occupied?
Am I the home?

I'm tired of mourning the death of failed lovers.
I'm tired of not knowing the ultimate truth
I feel blind to the ways of the 8's
I feel bound to my mistakes
I feel like no one will ever take that leap with me, but am I really listening to life or just letting it break me...
or maybe my bones cracking would be necessary to prove I'm still another left brained human on earth.
I feel my back shatter each time my wings want to come through
its bigger than me and you

Everything is bigger than you …